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    New Allergen Block Products Launched by Prestige Brands Offer Unique, Drug-Free Way to Help Block Airborne Allergens

    IRVINGTON, N.Y., Sept 24, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Chloraseptic(TM) and Little Allergies(TM) Allergen Block Provide Help for Adults and Children Just in Time for Fall Allergy Season

    Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc. announces the launch of Chloraseptic(TM) Allergen Block and Little Allergies(TM) Allergen Block. These over-the-counter products use an innovative scientific-based approach to help prevent nasal allergy symptoms by blocking allergens in the air on contact, before they enter the nasal passages. Allergen Block products, sold under the Chloraseptic(TM) brand for adults and the Little Remedies(TM) brand for children, are topical gels which are applied outside around the nostrils. The products can be used year-round as a preventative measure against outdoor allergens in the fall and spring, as well as indoor allergens during the winter.

    The Allergen Block products are drug-free, easy-to-use, and without systemic side effects. These gentle topical gels may be used safely in conjunction with other OTC or prescription medications. Allergen Block products have received a Food and Drug Administration 510K registration number.

    The positively-charged water-based gels help filter negatively-charged allergens in the air on contact. Filtering allergens in the air such as pollen, ragweed, and dust mites helps stop them from entering the nasal passages. Therefore, unlike existing allergy products that treat allergy symptoms once the symptoms have started, Allergen Block products, when used as directed, help prevent the start of mild nasal allergy symptoms.

    Chloraseptic(TM) and Little Allergies(TM) Allergen Block are water-based gels which are applied topically. They are safe to use with other medications since they lack the side effects and potential drug interactions which can often accompany the use of systemic medications.

    The inventor of the Allergen Block approach is Ashok Wahi. Wahi is an engineer who was motivated by his desire to help his daughter, who suffered from cat allergies. Wahi found support from allergy specialist, Paul Ratner, M.D., who later became advisor to the project, providing input on product development and testing.

    Allergies are the fifth leading chronic disease in the U.S. among all ages, and the third most common chronic disease among children under 18. The Allergen Block products can be an effective addition to the arsenal of treatments used by the estimated 40 million American [nasal] allergy sufferers.(1)

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    (1) Source: Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America Website

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